T o G o P l a t t e r s

Hawaii Island Picnics & Provisions


Lovely & luscious to-go platters - the perfect way to sample our provisions for smaller gatherings!

Our gourmet “to-go” platters are beautifully crafted on 15" rounds and serve 8-12 people. They are artfully arranged on eco-friendly single-use materials and are bursting with the same style, decadence and quality of our signature grazing tables.


Signature Platter

A decadent array of gourmet cheeses, specialty charcuterie, honey, olives, dried fruit, nuts & our popular house-made goodies like bacon jam, seasonal pickles, & unique preserves. Starts at $165.

Hawaii Island Picnics and Provisions_Rainbow Farmers Market Veggie Platter with Dips_2019.jpg

Rainbow Veggie Platter

A gorgeous bouquet of locally sourced seasonal veggies served with three of our delicious house-made dips. Vegan dips available upon request. Starts at $125.


Everything Platter

If our Signature Platter & our Rainbow Veggie Platter had a delicious little baby, this would be it. Half veggies with dips and half charcuterie, cheese and signature accompaniments. Starts at $175.

Hawaii Island Picnics & Provisions Kiddie Platter Fruits Veggies 2019.JPG

Kiddie Platter

A whimsical, colorful and enticing platter for the little foodies in your life. Fruit, veggies, dip, nut butter, mild cheeses, crackers and fun! Starts at $160. (Serves up 20 kiddos)

Hawaii Island Picnics and Provisions Brunch Platter Fruit Cheese Jams Preserves Pastries 2019.JPG

Brunch Platter

A sweet & savory platter loaded with fresh seasonal fruits, baked goods, dried fruit, jam, honey, cheeses, meats, and our super popular vanilla bean cheesecake dip. Starts at $165.

Hawaii Island Picnics and Provisions Fruit Platter Tropical Local Seasonal Fruit 2019.jpg

Seasonal Fruit Platter

A beautiful selection of local, seasonal and tropical fruit - perfect for a picnic, morning meeting or healthy dessert option. Starts at $150.


Magic Egg Platter

Our pickled beet-stained eggs with golden yolk mousse filling is a super festive app for parties and a serious crowd favorite! Choose from Classic, Lemon or Miso Yolk fillings. Starts at $120. (40 pieces)

Hawaii Island Picnics and Provisions Artisanal Bread Cracker Box Picnic  2019.jpg

Artisanal Bread & Cracker Box

A curated assortment of gourmet house-made crackers, gluten-free crackers and locally baked bread. We offer a medium box for $25 (serves up to 12) and a large box for $50 (serves up to 30).

Hawaii Island Picnics and Provisions Dessert Platter 2019.jpg

Sweet Treat Platter

Our dessert platters are the perfect ending to any meal. We offer a variety of house-made goodies like brownie truffles, cheesecake cups, chocolate mousse, cookies, cupcakes and more. Price depends on selections. Email for our current offerings.

Hawaii Island Picnics and Provisions Pupu Platter Apps Lamb Meatballs 2019.JPG
Hawaii Island Picnics and Provisions Pupu Platter Apps Shrimp Cocktail 2019.JPG
Hawaii Island Picnics and Provisions Pupu Platter Caprese Salad Skewers App 2019.jpg

Pupu Platters

We offer a scrumptious variety of pupu platters - perfect to take to a party or to add extra deliciousness to your picnic spread. Some selections may change due to seasonality and availability. See current offerings below:

  • BACON WRAPPED DATES - Stuffed with Manchego & Smoked Almonds - $175 (50 pieces)

  • BACON WRAPPED FIGS - Stuffed with Blue Cheese & Walnuts - $175 (50 pieces)

  • RUMAKI - Bacon Wrapped Oyster Sauce Marinated Chicken, Pate, & Water Chestnuts - $185 (50 pieces)

  • AROMATIC LAMB & PORK MEATBALLS - Served with Spiced Tomato Jam, Herby Yogurt, & Lettuce cups - $195 (50 pieces)


  • FRAGRANT SHRIMP COCKTAIL - Served with Smoked Tomato Cocktail Sauce & Charred Lemons - $195 (50 pieces)

  • CAPRESE SKEWERS - Tomatoes, Basil, Mozzarella, Balsamic Reduction & Pesto - $135 (40 pieces)

  • GOAT CHEESE “TRUFFLES” - Whipped Goat Cheese Rolled in Delicious & Colorful Toppings, Served with House-Made Crackers - $145 (40 pieces)

Made with love and ready to be devoured for your next picnic, party or meeting!